How to keep TITLES straight for ONE Person with Multiple Companies?

I’ve got my PEOPLE and COMPANIES in separate sheets in one base.
(Love it if we could link multiple bases!)

I finally figured out I should link all their social media spheres into one sheet, too (so those entries don’t go on forevah!)

Q: But how do I keep straight (i.e.: link) the many TITLES one person who wears a lot of hats may have with their variety of entitles?

Example: A gal who’s the CEO of her own company but ALSO the VP of a joint venture/partnership, on the Board of a charity and maybe the President of a trade organization?

Sure: I can reciprocally link her - as a person - to a variety of companies/entities (and of course, lots of peeps with one company) - I get that - but how do I keep all her various TITLES straight? So I know which title goes to which company - for the same person?

A whole 'nuther “Titles” sheet? Like the Social Media sheet?


Better way?


Probably. You need a junction between the person and the various companies/entities with which that person is involved, so a junction table makes sense to me. Going back to your example, this junction table would have two link fields—one to a person, one to a single company—and then a field where you specify the title for that person-company relationship (single line text, single select…whatever is easiest to manage). The primary field could be a formula that concatenates the company and title together so you can see those various relationships at a glance from the person’s record in the [People] table.


Awesome, Justin! THANK YOU!
Junction tables are NEW TO ME! :wink:
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