How to Organize Grouped Data as One Piece Of Data



I run an influencer marketing company and I am trying to start using AirTable for managing campaigns.

Each client we have may have multiple campaigns (if it is an agency, they may have 3 clients they outsource to us for example)

Each Full Campaign is a long campaign broken down to individual day campaigns (individual campaigns)

Each Individual campaign is organized by date, and includes all of the influencers that would be used in that campaign. I’m trying to figure out how to have all of my individual campaigns on one table but then be able to see those as unique dates. Currently it is saying each day that I add, even if i add it multiple times.

Here is an example of what I mean (I can only add 1 image)


Here is the other screenshot that shows whenever I pull in this data:

I want it to only say 11/1/2018 once.

Do I need to create a table for each and every date/campaign? That would get ridiculous


Campaign 2 says 11/1/2018 two times because you have it linked to 2 Individual campaigns, both of which are taking place on that date. Both of those linked record have to be there in order for the records to be properly linked.

However, you could hide that “Individual Campaigns” field, if you don’t want to see the repeat dates, and then create a Rollup field that points at the “Individual Campaigns” table, and the “Date” field, and then uses the ARRAY_UNIQUE(values) rollup function.


I ended up hiding that like you said! The Rollup function didn’t work like I would have liked. The format of the date was weird and couldn’t change it. Thanks though!