How to prefill form where field type is "Checkbox"

Hello, I am wondering how you can prefill a form where the field type is “Checkbox”.

For instance, I have a Contact Info form I send new clients. I have two Checkbox fields that I do not want them to see but would be helpful for me to be checked. When checked, mark the client as being an Active Account and an Active Contact.

Field Names

  • “Act. Acc.”
  • “Act. Con.”

Example Prefilled Form URL

Client Contact Info Form???&prefill_Act.%20Con.=???&prefill_Account%20Name=Client%20Name&prefill_CSM=First%20Last&prefill_ST=UT&prefill_Acc.%20Exec.=First%20Last&prefill_Account%20Name%20Dropdown=Client%20Name

Thanks in advance!

You should be able to prefill with the number 1 or the word “true” or the word “checked”.

Note that Airtable doesn’t support submitting the values of hidden fields, so all of your fields would need to be displayed onscreen for your user to see.

To prefill & submit hidden fields that the user can’t see, you would need to use a professional form tool like JotForm or

Alternatively, the easier way of doing this would be to just use an Airtable automation to update the field values after the form is submitted.


Another option is to disguise the checkboxes. In the form, change the label for the checkbox to something like “Agree to terms and conditions”. Make the checkbox a required field. Then you do not have to even prefill the checkbox. The user will check it for your because it feels like a natural part of the form.


Ha, that’s clever… use the power of humans to check the checkbox for you! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks so much. I don’t want to have it visible to the client, so I ended up doing an Automation, that when a form is submitted, it auto checks both of those checkboxes. I’m a newbie, so it was a little tricky but it worked!

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