How to use conditional formatting to choose Generic med name based on Brand name?

Hello. I am working on a form to list specific medications, the vendor it originates from, cost, qty, etc. I’d like to be able to input the brand names of medications into the form and have the generic names of that specific medication auto-populate in a field below the brand name on the form and in the grid view. I’ve tried creating a separate table and inputting the medication brand and generic names in a list, but I cannot figure out how to use conditional formatting (or lookup) to populate the generic name in the form. Hopefully this makes sense. I’m struggling to describe what I’m looking for.


Single Line Text Field: Medication Brand Name - Adrenaline
Conditional Field: Medication Generic Name (to auto-populate) - Epinephrine

Hi - I think you may find airtable’s native form a little too limited for what you are trying to do - ie feed information from airtable to the form dependent on what is input.

You may find on2air forms useful.


Hey David,

As Russell mentioned, Airtable Forms doesn’t do this natively.

You can use On2Air Forms to do this. Here’s an example where you can display filtered records and other data from your base on the form.

We have a current Forms version you can use, but our new version of the app will be completed in couple of weeks.

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