How to visualise the other side of the relationship in a self-linking table?

Eg. If row1 is subordinate of row2, then row2 should be auto-detected as manager of row2
How can we do that?

When linking 2 different tables, the columns are automatically created by Airtable, but not when linking in the same table

Even in the relationship article (" A beginner’s guide to many-to-many relationships), Airtable shows the Manager/Subordinate relations, with both side: not sure if they made 2 independent columns (annoying) or have a way to automate based on the other column .

Any tip?

You are correct that this is a serious gap in Airtable currently. However, a community member wrote a script to take care of this! I really appreciate it and use ti regularly:

Only frustrating part is you have to run this script every time you need to correct your records. But when you have hundreds or thousands of records, one click can definitely be worth it, haha.