Human-Legible Formula Code (with Emoji!)


This may be obvious to many, but it eluded me until today…

It is a HELL OF A LOT easier to code (and debug) formulas in Textedit (or the text editor of your choice), inserting returns between segments (B).

When you paste your code into Airtable, it’ll smartly remove those returns and create the code block we’re used to seeing (A).


IF({Auto-Status} = “Awaiting Review”, “:mag:”,IF({Auto-Status} = “Complete”, “:checkered_flag:”,IF({Auto-Status} = “Design”, “:art:”,IF({Auto-Status} = “Released to Supplier”, “:rocket:”,IF({Auto-Status} = “On Our Radar”, “:satellite:”,IF({Auto-Status} = “Production”, “:triangular_ruler:”,IF({Auto-Status} = “Cancelled”, “:skull:”,IF({Auto-Status} = “On Hold”, “:zzz:”,IF({Auto-Status} = “Design Queue”, “:art::soon:”,IF({Auto-Status} = “Content Needed”, “:question:”,IF({Auto-Status} = “Unassigned”, “:busts_in_silhouette:”,IF({Auto-Status} = “Design Route”, “:art::arrows_clockwise:”,IF({Auto-Status} = “Copy”, “:pencil2:️”,IF({Auto-Status} = “Production Route”, “:triangular_ruler::arrows_clockwise:”,IF({Auto-Status} = “Production Queue”, “:triangular_ruler::soon:”,IF({Auto-Status} = “Retouching”, “:nail_care:”,IF({Auto-Status} = “Retouching Queue”, “:nail_care::soon:”,IF({Auto-Status} = “Released by Production”, “:airplane:️”,""))))))))))))))))) & " “) & IF({Rush Request} = 1, “:fire:”,”")


IF({Auto-Status} = “Awaiting Review”, “:mag:”,

IF({Auto-Status} = “Complete”, “:checkered_flag:”,

IF({Auto-Status} = “Design”, “:art:”,

IF({Auto-Status} = “Released to Supplier”, “:rocket:”,

IF({Auto-Status} = “On Our Radar”, “:satellite:”,

IF({Auto-Status} = “Production”, “:triangular_ruler:”,

IF({Auto-Status} = “Cancelled”,“:skull:”,

IF({Auto-Status}=“On Hold”, “:zzz:”,

IF({Auto-Status}=“Design Queue”,“:art::soon:”,

IF({Auto-Status}=“Content Needed”, “:question:”,

IF({Auto-Status}=“Unassigned”, “:busts_in_silhouette:”,

IF({Auto-Status}=“Design Route”, “:art::arrows_clockwise:”,

IF({Auto-Status}=“Copy”, “:pencil2:️”,

IF({Auto-Status}=“Production Route”, “:triangular_ruler::arrows_clockwise:”,

IF({Auto-Status}=“Production Queue”, “:triangular_ruler::soon:”,

IF({Auto-Status}=“Retouching”, “:nail_care:”,

IF({Auto-Status}=“Retouching Queue”, “:nail_care::soon:”,

IF({Auto-Status}=“Released by Production”, “:airplane:️”,

“”))))))))))))))))) & " ") &

IF({Rush Request} = 1, “:fire:”,"")

Both work fine!


Thanks Andrew! This just helped me a LOT!