I need help with a formula please!

I am brand new to Airtable and need help creating a formula. The formula works perfectly in Excel/Numbers, but my knowledge of formulas is proven to be insufficient and I can’t figure out how to do it in Airtable. Maybe it doesn’t have the capabilities to do what I want?

Here’s the formula I use in Excel/Numbers and the ‘field names’ should transfer over because I’ve created fields in Airtable for each. See values below:
“PPW” is a number field
“kW” is a number field
“25yr” is a checkbox field with a value of 23.5%
“20yr” is a checkbox field with a value of 22.5%

PPW * kW * 25yr * kW * 1000, PPW * kW * 20yr * kW * 1000

The 20yr and 25yr are checkboxes, and each deal will change depending on what the client chooses. So I want to be able to type in the PPW > kW amount > select a checkbox and have it automatically calculate the amount. Or put another way, I need to know how I can get a formula to calculate a percentage of the total (PPW * kW * 1000). Real world numbers would look like this: ($4.20 * 6.45 * 1000 = $27,090 * 23.5% = $6,366.15).

Hopefully this makes sense? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Brett,
I have had a look at your problem and think I have it working:
The Table setup looks like this:

Where the “Year” Column is a single dropdown with the options “20yr” and “25yr”.

And the Formula I used is this:
PPW * kW * 1000 * IF( Year = “20yr” , 0.225 , IF( Year = “25yr” , 0.235 ,0) )

Does that help?

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