IF formula & empty / not empty cells

Hello, I’m Phil
And I’m working for a video production company.
We create video for others companies, all the production follow up is made with airtable.

I’m working on a formula that can increment a cell (0,1,2,3)
if specific date cells are filled

let’s illustrate my use case
I need to log the delivery date of video production (SLA are calculated using those dates)

  • if {v1} is empty = work in progress = 0
  • if {v1} contains a date = done = 1
  • if {v2} contains a date = correction done = 2
  • if {v3} contains a date = re-correction done = 3
    then I’d like to use that “increment calculation” to calculate my production costs using another formula
    something like that.

Tell me what’s your advices :slight_smile:

Hi @Phil_Ravier

This can all be done in a single formula, unless you have some other compelling reason to keep them separate.

IF({v3}, 3, IF({v2}, 2, IF({v1}, 1, 0))) * {unit_cost}

By ordering the conditions in reverse like this, you ensure that the highest possible multiplier is applied.


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