If statement to show specific records on page designer? Help!


I have 2 tables:

  1. info table
  2. template table with linked records to the info table for page designer

I am using the info table to create 3 letters: 1. Experian; 2. Equifax; 3. TransUnion (credit repair letters)
Not each account is on all 3 letters
i.e. account 1 Experian, Equifax, TransUnion
account 2 Experian
account 3 Equifax, TransUnion

I currently have my page designer set up so that it puts the text where I want it based on the info table and linked records BUT where account2 does not show up on Equifax and TransUnion and account 3 does not show up on Experian, it shows a blank space and I need for that blank space to not show up if there’s no text there (like it skips it).

Because I couldn’t figure that out, I created 3 new fields: letter 1, letter 2, letter 3 (because I have 3 letters to print). When I read it outloud, it makes sense that I could use a formula that would put accounts for Experian on letter 1, accounts for Equifax on letter 2 and accounts for TransUnion on letter 3.
if bureau = experian -> letter 1
if bureau = equifax -> letter 2

This way, I would not have to manually format each and every letter prior to printing and it would automatically put it there without the spaces where the account is not on that specific letter.

Do I need to use an IF statement on the page designer table and create a new table for letter 1,2,3? I’m lost!

Can someone help me, please?? I’ve worked on this for a week now and finally got to this point and am now stuck again and have letters I need to process.

info table
linked records from info table for page designer template
page designer custom text