IF statements + calculations

Hi community!

I am trying to track the status of payments which are made in multiple installments. For instance, we may make a payment for $400,000 but pay quarterly installments of $100,000.

I would like to have the Total Paid field auto calculate using the payment schedule in the table. Total paid would equal {payment one} + {payment 2} + {payment 3} + {payment 4} but only when the corresponding payment status field has been marked as “complete” AND the corresponding payment date be in the current year (01/01/22-12/31/22).

Any ideas?


You’ll want to make use of a second table for “Payments”. One record for each Payment or Installment, and each Payment/Installment record linked back to the “Obligation” or “Invoice” it is paying. Each Payment/Installment can then have its own date stamp and amount.

Then you can use a Rollup field to total all Payments/Installments that are linked to a single Obligation or Invoice.

Thank you! I will give that a try.

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