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Hi There,

I am trying to create a form using airtable which does the following:

I have a sheet with a bunch of digital services are listed as products.
When a sales sheet is done at the end of the day, the rep selects all the digital services and products (like a website) which they sold in the day.

What I need is when someone selects that they sold a Google adwords package (price is flexible), than a field pops up to ask HOW MUCH in Rands ZAR value, the rep sold adwords for.

How could I go about creating that?

I need the rand value from that deal to be saved to the clients profile.



Using Airtable forms, it’s not possible to have fields shown or hidden based upon other data entered. In this scenario, I think the best option would be to have the price field should be shown all the time with instructions to only fill in if non-standard. You can then use a rollup field to show total values per client.



Thanks Julian.

Thats very helpful.

Much appreciated!