Import NEW record into existing base/table

I am going to be using Airtable for project management. I have currently populated my records by importing a CSV file (containing all current projects with their fields), but I am trying to plan ahead for when new records are added. Is there a way to IMPORT a single record into an existing table? Or can I only input things into a table manually once it’s been created?

Yes, you can use the CSV import block to continually import additional CSV files into your Airtable base over time.

However, if you’re only going to be importing one single record at a time, then there might be a better way to automate this process for you. Where is this single record coming from? Is it coming from another app? Is it coming from a form somewhere?

If so, you can probably automate the process of that new record automatically coming into Airtable (using automation tools like Integromat or Zapier) — without you needing to go through an import process every time.

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