Importing CSV from (Integromat)

I am tryig to setup automatic CSV import of our product catalog to Airtable. Every morning it should update in case there are changes in prices or stuff.

I was able to setup the (Integromat) scenario to:

  • Get the CSV from FTP
  • Parse the CSV
  • And I can even create new records in airtable sucesfully


We use our codes for every product (and it is unique). I amy trying to setup that it will “Create new” record if it doesnt exist and “Update” if it does. I am trying to use “Upsert a Record” in scenario. But that only let me to pair it with Airtable “Record ID”… which the CSV of course can’t have.

Does anyone figured out how to pair the records by OUR id? (which is IN the CSV and also Airtable first column)


After parsing a row from the CSV (but before creating the new record in Airtable), you would need to use to perform a search of your Airtable base. If it finds a matching record, then you will have the Record ID to use for the Upsert module.

Thx for advice. I am trying to achieve this but so far without success.

I was able to create formula that works when I use it in Airtable. It will find the Record ID based on our code.

So something like this:

  FIND("C1ZK1-NS9388-V911", {itemcode}) = 1,

That works in Airtable:

In I am trying to use it in “Search Record”:

But the Output doesn’t give me Record_ID:

So than I have no idea how to use then in Upsert…

Any advice?
Thnak you very much

You would only use the very small FIND section of your formula, without the equals 1 part.

However, aren’t you matching full item codes? You’re not searching for a subset within the item code. If so, your formula would simply be:

"2. Column 1" = {itemcode}

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I tried id also first time. But the result is basically the same. No outcome of ID that I could use.

That’s what’s supposed to happen. If there is no outcome, then there were no matching records in your base.

I am sorry Scott. I was dumb. The outcome looks like blank, but is not. And can be used in next “bubble” scenario step. :slight_smile: So your suggestin really works. Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome!

You were confused because Make offers no searchable help documentation on their site to explain any of these things, so everybody gets confused when they use Make.

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