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Hi all. I have a base with 12 tables. I would like to create a table which will list links to all the other tables in the base, to ease navigation. I can get the View link but that opens up in a browser. Is there a way to create a link to a table that then goes to the referenced table within the desktop app?

Thanks in advance.


No. The desktop apps are effectively dedicated browsers that only connect to Airtable. If they generated app-centric links, those links wouldn’t be usable when trying to access Airtable from a browser. It’s a bit of an annoying catch-22.

If you’re open to using keyboard shortcuts, try the Ctrl-J (or Cmd-J, depending on your OS) hotkey. That opens the table browser, where you can either click on the name of the table you want to open, or type part of a table name to narrow down the list, cursor to it, then hit Enter. It’s the next-best thing to an always-open table picker for now.

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Many thanks and much appreciated Justin. I suspected that this was case, but hoped it wasn’t.

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