Is it possible have the same experience on a local ide as you do when writing in the scripting block?

I’m guessing if it was possible it would have something to do with using typescript but I have not been able to figure it out. I did download node and tried to install the airtable npm but kept getting a “connect EBADF” error.

Not sure if any of this is actually gets me closer to my desired goal but this was just me attempting things.

I use VS Code for all my scripting apps,

I ended memorizing all the SDK, there are some times I need to go to the documentation, but my process is:

  1. Create the code inside VSCode
  2. Copy the code and past it inside Scripting App
  3. If any errors in the scripting app, fix them
  4. Copy back again the code in the source file.

I know this is not what you need, but it is my current process :man_shrugging:


What about the experience do you want to mimic? You will not be able to copy the Scripting App’s ability to make suggestions based on the names of your tables and fields, or the names of SDK functions. You also won’t be able to run any code that depends on the Scripting SDK.

My coding workflow is very similar to chechedotmx’s, except that I use a different code editor (Atom) and I make all changes in the code editor, so that always I copy/paste from Atom to Scripting app.

Hey thanks for the reply. Yeah that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing as well just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a more effective way of doing it.

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Yes I was looking to see if I could somehow have the ability for the suggestions to carry over but that make sense. Thanks for clarifying for me :pray:t4:

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