Is there a way to copy and paste a whole row or column?

Is there a way to copy and paste a whole row or column? I would already have the column name and type set up -i just want to copy the information in the rows and columns. It doesn’t seem to let you copy and paste more than one cell. I’ve tried dragging to select and holding control while selecting but that doesn’t seem to work.

Yes, click on the checkmark in the left column to select the entire row. Then use your keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste.

Similar thing with rows. Just click on the column header, the copy and paste.

You can also select multiple cells by dragging the little tiny handle in the lower right corner of each cell. Then, you can copy your selection and paste it elsewhere.

Also know that if you’re copying from one field to another existing field, the field type and setup will sometimes copy over as well, as I demonstrate here:


@Justin_Barrett, great to see you onscreen!! Great videos you’ve created so far!! :smiley::raised_hands::tada:

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