Is there an app that will allow me to boolean search within the text of a large group of documents within airtable?

Hi there,

I would like to give a background to this question.

I run my own recruitment agency/staffing business so I have a large number of resume/cv documents. When I am given a job vacancy to work on for a client (e.g. they are looking for C# Developer with SQL experience and power BI) I would use my current Recruitment ATS application to search within my database of CV’s and it would bring up matching candidates by searching for keywords WITHIN each document (Its vital that I can pick up keywords within the document and NOT just the title) for instance I might run a boolean search like this…

c# AND sql AND (power-bi OR “power bi” OR powerbi) AND (developer OR programmer OR “software engineer”) and it would then show me all of the resumes that fit these criteria.

So my question is are you aware of any app within Airtable that could provide this function for me please?

Any response/suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Many thanks and warmest regards


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