Is there other alternative to set a word at the end of every number entered in a field like how "%" or "RM" appears for each number enter within the field?


Hi, I am a newbie to Airtable. I would like to ask is there any formatting setting I can set for a field so that each number I entered in that field has the word “month” or “months” at the end?
I have checked up on the videos but I could not find the answer.


Unfortunately, no.

If you wanted something preceding each number entered, you could abuse the currency field and specify an arbitrary string as the currency indicator.

For a value following the number, you’ll need to declare a second, formula field configured as {Number}&' months'


Thank you for your answer and the formula format. :grinning: I have thought about a workaround - hide the field having the numbers, implement the formula on that field and show the format results on another field.


Yep – as long as you don’t have to edit or change the numbers from that particular view, having a ‘presentation’ field and a working field is a perfect way to steer between the Scylla and Charybdis of utility and user experience. Just be careful: There is such a thing as going too far. :wink:


…I lol’d :slight_smile: