Issue with Filter not working


I have a very basic filter:

Randomizer ≤ 3

The view only contains the record where the Randomizer = 1 even though there are records that contain 1 and 3.


It’s possible that the number in those fields is greater than 3. I would change the formatting of your number field from “integer” to “decimal”, and choose to display many decimal points. Then see if you’re actually looking at 3.00000 or if you’re looking at something greater than that.


Alternatively, you could just make your filter
Where :: Randomizer :: < :: 4
and it will catch any 3.00000012 outliers.


Ha! An even smarter solution! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks Jeremy,

I just thought if I was using an integer and doing Random function it would only contain integers. But either way, the Random doesn’t work. It creates duplicates.

I appreciate your help.

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Random doesn’t mean non-duplicates. If you want to remove duplicates, you can use the DeDupe App.

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