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I am creating a small database for film crew to subscribe to and become alerted of jobs when they become available. The database is comprised of two tables:

Table 1: People Directory, which includes which roles each person wants to be alerted to (for example, camera operator)
Table 2: Recruitment Drives, which includes which roles that particular drive is looking for (for example, camera operator)

Using the Zapier intergration, I would like to have a system where I can create a recruitment drive (in Table 2) and it automatically emails the people in (Table 1) who are subscribed to whichever roles we are recruiting for.

How can I make this work, so that Zapier knows which people to email depending on the roles we are recruting for. I expect it has something to do with view filters but I can’t figure it out.

Thank you!

You would trigger the zap from a view.

So when a user subscribes to a specific role, you’d create a view of all the users who meet this criterea.

Then you’d trigger your zap based off of new records coming into this view

Hope that helps!

I understand that bit, but as the information is across two tables, how would I get it to work?

The email addresses and role preference of the users is in Table 1, and the available roles are in Table 2. Do I need to do link records or?

You would create a “link to”, to your other table

I don’t think you will be able to easily do this in Airtable using Zapier alone, if you can even do it at all. The “New Record in View” trigger only works once per record. It will never trigger again for that record, even if it falls off the view and then re-enters the view.

You might be able to do this with either Openside’s On2Air Actions or Integromat.

Although I think your best bet for this would be to either do this manually, or use the new JavaScript scripting block to write a Javascript script that you could manually run to do this for you.

Hi @PJ_Saysell-Rosales,

Following @ScottWorld suggestion, you can check this Integromat Scenario for ideas. It is a bit complicated if you havent used Integromat previously but the steps are easy to follow.


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