Launched: conditional form field visibility

It’s here! You can now configure form fields so that they display or hide based on the submitter’s responses in previous fields.

Here’s how to use it in the form builder:

  1. Underneath the field title/description, turn ON the toggle switch labeled “Show field only when conditions are met.”
  2. Choose another field and the value or condition it should meet.
  3. Like with filters, you can add as many conditions as you’d like to a field.

And here’s some useful tips:

  • You can chain together multiple conditional form fields in a sequence—i.e., use one conditional form field as the condition for another form field
  • You can make conditional form fields required! When a conditional form field is set as required, it is hidden by default until its condition is met. Once its condition is met, the form will still require it to be filled for submission.

More information can be found in the conditional form fields support article.



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OMG, April 28th is an amazing day! It’s Christmas in April!!!

All these amazing new features being released today!

WOO HOO!! :smiley::raised_hands::clap:

Oh, one little thing about forms: Please give us the ability to ADD NEW LINKED RECORDS from a form (instead of letting people choose from an existing list of linked records).

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Thanks for adding a great features.

Can you share more about how pre-filling forms fits in with conditional form fields?
Is it possible to pre-fill fields that are only displayed if certain conditions are met?
If those pre-filled fields are never displayed, do the pre-filled values still get submitted?

Edited to add:
It looks like pre-filled fields will have their pre-filled values once they are displayed. However, if the pre-filled value is never displayed, it will not be submitted.


This is the best thing to happen for me all week!

This is an awesome feature. I’m having trouble with one thing though…when conditions are based on prefilled content in a field, it’s not working. e.g. if a prefilled field has the number “3” in it, drop-down a second field. Any tips?

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When I pre-fill a form with conditional field, the first appearance when opening the link doesn’t match the condition setting.


  1. Prefilling “2” in field A (it’s one of the choice in a single select field),
  2. Setting field B visibility if field A = “1”

When I open the prefilled form URL, field B still appear. I have to manually change the single select field to something else and then back to “2”, then field B will off.


Thank you for this amazing feature !

As mentioned by the previous commenters, unfortunately conditions on prefilled fields do not work. Is it possible to fix that easily ?


We have exactly the same problem as @Ben_Baldwin, @EricWongMusic and @Erwan_Pannier – when prefilling a form, the conditional actions don’t trigger. In our use case, this makes the conditional field feature rather useless, unfortunately.

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Hello to everyone who brought up the issue with prefilled fields—thanks for bringing this up! I’ve escalated the issue to our product team and we expect to address it soon.


One more question: let us say I create a field that is shown only when the above is checked. Is it possible to automatically autofill in the background the field that do not show up (because the previous field that activate it is unchecked) with some characters like “no_info”?

I wanted to add that: I tried to set a Default value for the field, but, if I do not “open” the conditional field, in the new record that is created after “submit”, the field is empty and not auto-filled with the Default value. Is it normal or it is a bug?