Launched: grouped grid view support on iOS

Hey everyone! We just launched the ability to view, create, and edit groups in grid views for the iOS app.

Some notes:

  • Like in the web app, grouping by a field adds headers to the grid view
  • Like in the web app, you can tap and drag records from one group to another to reassign their value (except in views grouped by a computed field)

Happy grouping!


Oh yes! I can’t tell you how happy I am to see that you guys are actively working on the Mobile app (sorry Android users :confused: )!

Here’s hoping for more mobile functionality soon!

YES! This is something I’ve been hoping to see for a long time. Thank you!

Wow, this is fantastic!! :star_struck: Thank you!! :partying_face::tada:

Obligatory request to add this functionality to the Android app as well


Thank you for this new functionality.

While groups now show up for me on the iOS app, I do not see the “Group/Grouped” icon that appears in the linked page. I have updated the iOS app, logged out of the app, closed the app, restarted my device, and logged back in, and still don’t get that button.

It appears that records show up grouped, but the summary bar does not appear for each group in iOS the way it appears in the desktop app. How do we access the summary bar for groups? (I can pull down to get the overall summary bar, but I would like to be able to see summary information at the group level as well.) Could this be related to not being able to see the “group/grouped” icon?

ETA: I had to completely uninstall and reinstall the Airtable app from my iOS device in order to see the “Group/Grouped” icon. However, even after that, I do not see summary bars at the group level.

ETA: While the records show up grouped in iOS, I am not able to collapse groups.


Id like to second being able to collapse, this will go a long way in making the mobile app a functional option.


While I also didn’t see the “Grouped” icon at the top when I first looked yesterday, it’s there now.

I’m thrilled that grouping is now in iOS but will group subtotals be coming shortly? We have created budgets on AirTable for web and depend on being able to to see grouped subtotals.


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Any idea when this will be in for Android phones?


This is wonderful news and a much requested feature that I’m glad to see launched. Please continue to build this out with additional functionality such as collapsing, sub totals, etc…

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Here just to ditto the request for the grouping feature in Android.

I am a new user, from a data analytics background, and this is basically the only feature I need to get started. A dealbreaker for me, unless I can find a workaround.