Link to and autoupdate from multiple entries SOLVED


Hi there,

Im new here, and overwhelmed in the best way possible with how amazing airtable is, so bear with me.

Does anyone know how to have a field in one table auto populate with multiple entries from another table. In first field “customers”, I have a column for “equipment” (for which our company lets the customer use various coffee equipment), and another table “equipment inventory” which lists all equipment (say, a coffee brewer, and a grinder) each with associated serial numbers etc. So, I’d like to be able to enter in my inventory table each piece of equipment, and then have it show up automatically in the customers table under the “equipment column”. I am generally familiar with the ‘look up’ type for a column, but im not sure how and if its able to populate this from multiple entries. Say for example customer ABC is a current customer with a coffee machine and they ask for a grinder, we add grinder in the inventory table (which has a column for “customer” which links to that table), I would like it to also know to add that new item/entry in the ‘inventory’ column in the customers table.

SOLVED! Airtable is genius, it knows to add multiple entries into this column, love it! ugh.


How did you do it? Please elaborate!