Linked Field - Same table bidirectional

I have a table which is a collection of contacts which are family units (kids & parents/guardians). I had planned on establishing relationships between records by having a “guardian” field which would be a link to a record in the same table. This works great. Problem is that when doing that between 2 tables it creates a linked field in both tables so I get bidirectional link. When linking to the same table I don’t get that bidirectional link - the “guardian” record can’t see what children it has.
I feel like I’m missing something simple but I can’t think this morning. Any way to get the bidirectional link in the same table?

Hi @Btbml

When kinking 2 tables, yes it makes a new field with the linked records. However, that isnt done automatically when linking to the same table.

Fortunately, you can do so with the script block, check this Post by @openside


Thanks @Mohamed_Swellam. Its not the solution I was hoping for but the script should work. Hopefully soon they’ll add the ability to run a script on an event other than clicking the run button

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