Linked Records Show The Color From Parent Table

I’ve seen requests to have specify a color for linked records, but I’d like to request a feature where the linked item actually gets its color from the linked table.

I have tasks with a “completed” field in one table. I created a nice color coding in that table to see at a glance, what’s in progress or done.


I then link to these tasks from another table. But there, I only see a long list of grey boxes that don’t give me any information other than their name. To see which of these linked tasks are actually finished, I need to click every one of them and open the detail window.

Imagine I could specify that the boxes should inherit the color from a view of that linked table. In the column config dialog, I pick the view the color should come from and voila.

At a glance, I see what tasks are done, in progress, not started, without changing tables or clicking into every one.


Hi @Chris_Polus,

Thanks for providing such detailed and thoughtful insights about color-coding linked records! I especially like the examples you provided. Having this kind of context is incredibly helpful for our product team as we think through different features and their corresponding use-cases.

I’ll share this with our Product teams, hoping we can make improvements to linked records soon.

Also, you can stay on top of Airtable product changes from our What’s New Page.


Very cool idea, please implement!

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