Linking and Autopopulate


I’m trying to auto-populate all Completed jobs to the 2nd table to keep up with invoice statuses. I have linked a table to both but not sure whats next. Still very new here. Thanks for your help.


Would using 1 table, and setting up a filtered view to only show {Status} = 'Complete' not work for your needs? I’m not sure you need a second table.

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I guess 1 table would work. I guess I just assume different information should be on different tables.
job status - accounting purposes and job status- updates, pictures and notes on another.
I will try it. Thank you. But can you tell me how to do this in case I don’t want to make another view. :slight_smile:


I may have misunderstood your request. I took your wording to mean you already have a table of invoices and are just trying to report the status of said invoice in a filtered set of Jobs records.

If you already have an invoice table
DO NOT add some third table to only show completed jobs. Use a filtered view.

If the “2nd table to keep up with invoice statuses” is your Invoices table
DO add go ahead and make a table for these.

Regardless: Airtable can’t automatically generate a new record in another base when you set a job’s status to complete. You have to add each invoice yourself and link it to the [Jobs] table with a Link to Another Record field. In order to do what you’re asking you will have to either work with the API or use a 3rd party integration with Integromat or Zappier to automate this process.