Linking multiple tables to one record

Im looking for a way to link multiple tables to one record. I want to be able to assigng sub tasks in 1 record in master table ( I have many tables) from different tables so person whos reposnsible for the project could quickly see where we are failing.

Hi there,

Consolidation is a best practice in Airtable, and keeping data in one table or one base where possible will make Airtable a lot more useful for most purposes. When you get a chance, take a look at this article for background.

However, if data truly belongs in separate tables. It is possible to set up something like a “master table” in which you additionally create a record for each record that gets created in any of its associated tables. This master table would be where you log all the metadata you want to run reporting on. There would be multiple linked record fields in this master table, one for each associated table whose data you want to be reflected in this master table.

You’d then link each new x records in Table X to a new record in this master table, as its representative for reporting purposes. Lookup fields in each of these other tables can pull in metadata from linked records in the master table, which would prevent your needing to switch between the tables so much. To edit the metadata, you’d have to be in the master table though, and this isn’t the ideal solution – but a workaround you could implement for now, potentially to get closer to what you have in mind.

Does this help? Are you looking for a saved set of subtasks or different set of subtasks for each project?

Thanks it really helped!

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