Linking records in automation script

for (let d in daylist) {
await currentTable.createRecordAsync({"Actual Date": daylist[d], 
                                "Assignee": [{id: assigneeID}]})

Is there any reason why the above snippet works in Scripting Blocks and not in the Automation Script?

(assigneeID is a input.config record id from automation trigger)

Err message is:

Error: Field “flduSGLFu8QyJ6n9l” cannot accept the provided value at main on line 22

Hi Matteo, that looks fine actually. Could I get the output of console.log(assigneeID) by any chance please?

Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 8.25.27 AM

lol, i knew it must’ve been something silly. Thank you @Adam_C. it was indeed rendering as an object. Fixed.

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