Location name together with gps url link in one column with url link still working


I am looking to get the following to work in one column, so the url link still functions.

O Beach Ibiza, gps url link


Or alternatives click on title O Beach which then sends you to gps URL link


Well, yes and no. (Or maybe no and yes…)

‘[S]o the url link still functions’ — as in the URL is highlighted in Airtable-standard, active-link blue (#2D7FF9) and opens with a single click? Unfortunately, no.

‘[S]o the url link still functions’ — as in the URL displays an underscore, becomes active on the first click and opens on the second? Standard behavior.

Yes, I know, strictly speaking, that’s not what you were hoping to hear. In practice, though, it means a rapid double-click opens the URL, and I’ve not run into too many situations where users don’t quickly acclimate to the double-click method. And, somewhat surprisingly to me, it works fine with shared, read-only access to the base. (Admittedly, it might be more of a pain from the IOS/Android app, which I’ve not tested.)

Alternatively, you could create adjacent fields, a single-line text field followed by a URL field — but, as I always forget until I test, even URL fields don’t open on the first click! Instead, they need to be selected to go live, with the second click causing them to open. So,
essentially, you’ll have the same functionality with a single-line text field with the value

O Beach Ibiza, https://www.google.com/maps/@38.9713483,1.3038748,17z

or a formula field with the formula

{Resort Name}&', '&{Resort long/lat}

as you would with an ‘official’ URL field.