Lock field based on another (Approval/Rejection workflow)



I’m currently working on creating an “Approval/Rejection” workflow for a project using Airtable forms.


  1. The customer submits a form.
  2. I review the form, if everything is good, I approve it (Change the status to “Approved”). ALL GOOD
    2.1 submitter will received an email that form has been approved.
  3. HOWEVER, if the form is not correctly submitted, I will change the status to “Rejected”.
    3.1 submitter will receive a rejection email with rejection reason.

This is where I need help:
I have added a field called = “Rejection reason”, which will be emailed to the submitter (via zapier integration) as soon as the status changes to “Rejected”. However, in order for the email to be sent out WITH the rejection reason, I need the rejection reason to be filled out BEFORE the status change.

I was hoping to find out if there was a way to only allow a status change to “rejected” if the “rejection reason” has been filled out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You need to define one more field — call it {Cooked Status} or something. it will become the field used to trigger Zapier. (I assume through a view-based trigger?)

{Cooked Status} will contain this formula:

    {Rejection Reason},

That serves as a gate, delaying the processing of {Status} until the reason has been entered.


W_Vann_Hall, thank you so much. I can’t believe i didn’t think of this.