Looking to connect with an Airtable expert to advise on best way to set up my records for Chart Block


I am looking to connect with am Airtable expert who can help me in setting in my tables correctly to get the right data representation in a Stacked format in Chart block.


Hi @Project_NP_LS,

Feel free to share your requirements with me.




I am trying to create create some automation with my data but I can’t my head around how to make that happen. If you look at the attached image, what I am trying to do first and foremost is

  1. Generate the PLAYING SQUAD column automatically.

  2. Reduce the need to repeat the years in which a player plays in 4 different teams but this seems to be the only option if I want to have a stacked representation in a chart block

  3. Arrange the order of the stack because currently it isn’t correct in terms of how it is stacked

  4. Change the colouring system of the stack


I also have a master table with this data in it

The problem is if I link to this table, it uses the primary column which doesn’t help if I want to have a lookup function that will automatically give me the playing squad for a player in any given year

In order to generate the Playing Squad, you need to have a Linked Field and use a Lookup on this linked field.

If you want the latest one, create a view in the Master Table that has only the latest one, and set up your table to lookup to this view. Same goes for the Chart Block, if you dont want all years showing, then make a view with a filter that displays inly the last year.

The colors in the blocks cannot be changed, the sorting can be changed if you change the order of the select field which is used as the legend.

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thanks for that, much appreciated

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