Lookup Field and Count are not working for me

Hello everyone!

I am trying to create a simple rollup field that counts the number of check boxes from a linked table for attendance purposes.

I create the rollup field like this:

You can see that Abdelnasir and Aamir both have at least one check mark for attendance:

However nothing changes and the rollup field shows zero:

I’ve literally done this exact same thing before and it worked fine, but now I cannot figure why this time it is not working. Any ideas? (Note: I’ve also tried this with the Count field to no avail)


You’re missing the formula to apply to your rolled up values (last input field on the configuration – TBH, I’m surprised Airtable let you create that field without a formula). In your case, I assume that would be SUM(values). If that is correct, and as BTW, you do not need to filter your Attended? checkbox in the rollup, because unchecked boolean fields count as 0 and checked ones as 1, so the SUM(values) alone will give you the correct result.

Yeah, sorry I just updated the screenshot. I used the COUNTALL(values) formula because I wasn’t sure the SUM would work

OK, just tried the SUM formula unfiltered and then filtered and neither of them are changing the rollup values. This is just really weird.

And, just to make sure, you do have the records of the people you are trying to roll up attendance for linked to one or more “English Calendar” records, yes? Apologies for asking something so basic, but sometimes, it is a matter of “is it plugged in?” :grimacing:


Yes, I believe so. This is what “English Calendar” looks like. The contact name is linked to the “All Contacts” table and I am trying to add the rollup field to the “All Contacts” table.

Hmm … judging from your screenshot, that “Contact” field does not contain linked records, but some kind of literal data (linked fields have a faint blue box around then, as seen in your “Class” field). I wonder what is going on there?

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You’re right, somehow that was changed from linked to text. So, I’ve changed it back and still no luck.

If that link was lost, the counterpart on the contacts table was orphaned, too; you might have duplicate linked columns there now. Check your rollup if it points to the correct linked one …


Ahhhhhhhhhhh, perfect! There were 3 iterations of “English Calendar” and they were all hidden fields. So, I deleted 2 of them and made sure the one left was the true link between tables. All is working now. Thank you for your help, my friend!


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