Meal planning- how to manage days vs meal


Hello! My wife and I use a food delivery service that each week brings an assortment of bulk food. Our plan is to portion it out at time of delivery, and easily eat it throughout the week. Instead, we just toss the bulk containers in the fridge, then confusingly shuffle them around for every. single. meal. So! Airtable to the rescue!

My question: how would you best map out the days vs the meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner)? The plan is to make a table for the dishes (chicken stew, roast veggies, etc) and then link them to a specific meal (Thursday Lunch) in another table.

I’ve tried records with a title of the day, then a field with the meal. I’ve also tried a record with the meal as the title, then a field for a date. I’m primarily using the mobile app, and both of these methods leave me with a big stack of cards that appear to be repeating (Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, and so on).

Is there a better way to map this out? Like some kinda way where my days/meals read a bit simpler visually? I was thinking maybe a new table for each day, with breakfast/lunch/dinner records inside, but that sounds like overkill. Ideas?

Any of you using Airtable for meal planning? Because it seems really close to being the perfect tool for that, haha.


Getting a little bit closer! What I’ve got now is a single record for each day, then three “linked record” fields inside, one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Next up: is there a day to perform an Airtable “count” inside of a formula? I know there is a formula called COUNT, but that doesn’t seem to work with the Airtable linked record count. I’ve got a trio of linked record fields, and I want to count and add the counts in a single swoop. Possible?

The only way I can see to do it now is make three new fields, each one an Airtable count. Then make yet another new field, a formula that adds all three count fields. That seems messy.