Multiple IF statements

Hi again! One more question from me for this base. I want to combine multiple IF statements from data in two columns. I’m working with the ‘points length’ field and the ‘total rating’ field.

I’m attaching screenshots of what I’m talking about and the formulas I’ve tried, since it’s probably easier than me trying to explain. (I’m new to Airtable formulas and still not entirely sure what I’m doing!)

In this screen shot you’ll see that the documentation status column doesn’t differentiate between ‘well-documented’ videos with perfect point length (40) and those with less.

This is the formula I used to get the screenshot above: IF({Total rating} <=3, “Unsatisfactory”, IF({Total rating} <=7, “Passing”, IF({Total rating} <=9, “Well documented” ) ) )

Here’s what I would like to incorporate:

‘Well-documented’ status should only go to videos with points length of 40 and total rating of 8 (if the total rating is 8 and points length is less, like others you will see in the example, it should generate a different documentation status).

This is the formula I used for that: IF(AND({points length} = 40, {Total rating} = 8),“Well documented”).

So my question is: how do I combine these? Everything I’ve tried is flagged as an invalid formula. Thanks!

I think there is some information missing here in order to construct the formula. The primary missing piece of information is what are the conditions for the “different documentation status”. What status should the record receive if “Total Rating” is >= 8, but the length points is less than 40?

If you can build a little table that shows all the possible conditions I can help you write the script.

But what I can tell you is that it looks like we’ll need to use nested IF statements.

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This article page from Airtable will also be helpful if you want to take another stab at building the formula yourself.

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It should receive “Needs longer video”. Sorry I missed that one!

I really want to figure it out myself in order to learn, but I feel like I’ve tried every combination of things I can come up with. I was working with SWITCH statements earlier and I couldn’t get that one either to work for me.

Ok. So let me see if I understand correctly

Record receives “Needs Longer Video” if the “Points Length” is less than 40 no matter what the “Total rating” score is, correct?

But if the points score is 40, then implement the
<= 3, Unsatisfactory
>4 and <= 7, Passing
>7, Well Documented


Here’s the breakdown:

<=3, Unsatisfactory

3 and <=7, Passing
7 and <=8 and points length <40, Needs longer video
=8 and points length 30, Well documented

I read through the nested IF statements page again and tried this IF({Total rating} <=3, "Unsatisfactory", IF({Total rating} <=7, "Passing", IF(AND({Total rating} = 8, {points length} = 40,"Well documented","Needs longer video") ) ) ), but it’s giving me this in return:

I think this will do what you need

IF({points length}=40,
    IF({Total rating}<=3, "Unsatisfactory",
	    IF(AND({Total rating}>3, {Total rating}<=7),"Passing",
		    IF({Total rating}>7,"Well Documented"
    ),"Needs Longer Video"
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Thank you, thank you!!

No problem. Happy to help. Reach out if you need any other help. Thanks!

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