Need Help figuring out the 3rd Number

I have only 2 numbers

  1. 15%
  2. 161.80

I have to get after the deal is done $161.80 and the the other guy have to get 15% of the deal.

So the total deal will be $190.35 - (161.8 is a 15% decrease of 190.35.)

How can I get to this number ($190.35) in Airtable, when I have only the 2 other numbers (1. 15% 2. 161.80)

In Excel I will make this as follows =161.8 / (1-15%) but I can not make this work in Airtable


Thanks in Advance

Hi @Abraham_Bochner,

You’ll just need to change 15% to .15, making the formula {Total Cost} / (1-.15). Then, make sure to format your field as currency. Hope that helps!


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Thank you very much , Quick Help

Happy to help Abraham!

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