Need help with concatenated formula from 1 table and showing results on another table

If I have a formula in one table that concatenates date and text. Now I want to bring that to my other table, and it would show like so:

Is there a way to start the date on the next line with added additional space?
Essentially, I would like to show the data like so:

Only if you use a an automation of some sort to split each line apart into several records.

The field you’ve shown is already a lookup field, which means it is pulling several linked rows into a single value. Why do you need a separate set of rows with the same data?

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Does each date and note come from a different linked record? If so, use a rollup field instead of a lookup field. Use the rollup formula ARRAYJOIN(values, "\n").

The order of the data in the rollup field will reflect the order in which the records are linked. If you want a reverse chronological sort, you can use my automation script for sorting linked records automatically. (Note that this script will only sort records when it is triggered. If you want to sort historical linked records (without having to adapt your primary field value to work with the Batch Update app), I have written the Sort Linked Records app, which is currently in review with Airtabe.


Perfect… This is exactly what I was looking for. I have used the following formula to add additional spacing

ARRAYJOIN(values, "\n\n")



Ah, I misunderstood. I thought you wanted new rows as opposed to just having line breaks in that field.

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