Need some guidance on a COVID equipment booking system

I’m trying to figure out whether this is going to be possible, and would appreciate any pointers.

I’ve been asked to set up a system to book fittings for protective equipment (COVID related). There are three constraints:

  • Each booking slot is 30 minutes between 11am-5pm M-S (there is a definitive start and end date)
  • Each booking slot can book access to one or more pieces of equipment (there are 180 individually numbered items in total).
  • Once a piece of equipment has been booked it isn’t available to anyone else that day (they are re-sanitized at 5pm).

Ideally the respondents would select the equipment they need, then be presented with dates where all of the selected equipment is available.

I’ve seen a number of guides on creating simple booking systems using Airtable, but can’t quite wrap my head around how I could adapt these for use.

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