Need to save custom base as a template for personal use (i.e., NOT as link to share via Universe)

I need to create and save my own custom base template for strictly personal use (i.e., not for sharing.) I need to create dozens of bases with the same exact schema (field structure). I can only find information on sharing bases, not on saving a custom base as a template for your own personal, repeat use.

Just choose ā€œduplicate baseā€ from the base icon dropdown menu in the home screenā€¦ or from the 3 little dots that show up within the base when you click on the base name.

(And be sure to move it to a workspace that you havenā€™t shared, or remove any collaborators that are already attached to it.)

Thanks, ScottWorld. I just figured that out and came back to delete the question, lol. Complete newbieā€¦just started about an hour ago. Hadnā€™t seen the ā€˜duplicate baseā€™ option. At least this answer is now out there for other newbies with the same question. :grinning:

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