New Record In View Multiple Times


I am using the Zapier trigger for ‘New Record In View’ to get records that have a date field that is equal to today’s date.

However, as I understand it, that trigger will only work the very first time that record is shown in the view.

Each record will show in this view once per year, and I’d like it to trigger each year. Seems like it won’t do that if it only triggers on the first time in that view.

Is there a workaround for this?



You could try using Integromat instead of Zapier to run your process - and rather than triggering on a New Record, use Search Records and set the Scenario to retrieve many records at once and process them together (loop through them):

You can then set this scenario to run at a frequency to suit your use case (daily for example).


What if we needed to only retrieve the records of a specific view? I can’t seem to find an answer to this and there is no way in Integromat to specify a view. Also, the formula text field does nothing for me, as I can’t find a means of referencing a view through the use of any of airtable’s formulas.



You’re correct that you can’t select records from a view. The technique here is to do the filtering in the search app in Integromat.