New Record In View Multiple Times

I am using the Zapier trigger for ‘New Record In View’ to get records that have a date field that is equal to today’s date.

However, as I understand it, that trigger will only work the very first time that record is shown in the view.

Each record will show in this view once per year, and I’d like it to trigger each year. Seems like it won’t do that if it only triggers on the first time in that view.

Is there a workaround for this?


You could try using Integromat instead of Zapier to run your process - and rather than triggering on a New Record, use Search Records and set the Scenario to retrieve many records at once and process them together (loop through them):

You can then set this scenario to run at a frequency to suit your use case (daily for example).

What if we needed to only retrieve the records of a specific view? I can’t seem to find an answer to this and there is no way in Integromat to specify a view. Also, the formula text field does nothing for me, as I can’t find a means of referencing a view through the use of any of airtable’s formulas.


You’re correct that you can’t select records from a view. The technique here is to do the filtering in the search app in Integromat.

Hi Julian

Is there any documentation on how to do the filtering in the search app in Integromat? I’ve been trying for weeks, going back and forth between Zapier and Integromat, just because I can’t “Watch Records in View” in Integromat :frowning:

Hi @Jarvis

There is a Facebook Integromat Community. Maybe they can help. They also offer a support service.

This is the link:

Hope this help.


I’m starting to get a better handle on how to filter records in Integromat, both by searching by specific criteria and also filtering between modules in the scenario. What exactly are you trying to achieve?

Basically I’ll start with a simple filter that I have in a view:
Lets say I have a date field (Date), and a single-select field (Status) with 3 options (High, Medium, Low)

I have a view set to:
Date is today
Status is High

I want to watch records that only come in this view. So what would be the formula syntax for achieving this in Integromat? One way would be to make a formula field in Airtable where {Date}=TODAY() and {Status}=“High”, and then use that formula in Integromat. But I’m hoping there’s an easier way where I can just use something like “view” = abcdef, and Integromat will automatically understand that I want to watch only those records in that view.

What’s baffling is that I’ve seen screenshots of Integromat where there’s an action for “Watch records in a view”, but it seems to have been removed somewhere


The key thing to remember is that the filters are AIRTABLE filters - so as you would write in formulae essentially - for example:

Which retrieves Active projects with an outstanding balance.

Your correct that the Watch records in a view option seems to have gone - but you can now watch records based on the modified date and also apply filters within the scenario. The big advantage is that is avoids you needing loads of views specially for Integromat which therefore simplifies the user interface for actually operating the base (and reduces errors if views are accidentally changed).

The other problem when using the old watch records in a view was that you often ended up needing views for different status changes and so on - and also, the scenario would only run once for a record when it first appears in a view. The latest changes make Integromat MUCH more useful with Airtable.

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Thanks, this was VERY helpful, especially for a newbie like me. And the explanation for the new watch records also makes sense, thanks for pointing out the new capabilities.

Looking forward to experimenting with the formulae now!

I hope zapier/Airtable will add a feature soon to avoid using Integromat…
Some news about it ?

@Mathieu_Quiniou If you want to use Zapier, you can use On2Air Actions.

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@Mathieu_Quiniou …and Integromat is very usable. It’s just a different setup process than working through Zapier.


Hi @ScottWorld, thanks, I saw this solution, i’ll try this week-end, if it work, i’ll go definitly with it !
Hi @Justin_Barrett, thanks, I know a bit about Integromat, but the main problem is that we are using Mailjet, and they didn’t integrate it, so impossible for us at the moment …