New tab with a selection from all other tabs


I hope someone can help me out.

I have on airtable multiple tabs. For example a tab “Social Media campaigns” and a tab “Webshop” and a tab “Advertising” .
Each tab consists of maybe 30 tasks but each of these tabs have one column that is called “this week” . This column has a checkbox, when we mark the checkbox, it is meant we do this task this week.

Now, as we have multiple tabs, I want to create one new tab. This tab will be called “this week” and needs to summarize all tasks across all tabs into one tab. So we can have quickly an overview of all tasks we have to finish this week.
It means the new tab should have some selection like this.
Checkmark this week across all tabs is YES
Then show in new tab
Task name
Tab name

Something like that.

That is all, I want! I dug into the sync tables but I could not figure it out.

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