New trigger and action for automations!

NEW trigger and NEW action available in “alpha” mode for automations!

New trigger: “at scheduled time”
New action: “find records”

AT - new trigger
AT - new action


Edit: so my post was flagged because I mentionned 3 frequent community contributors for their thoughts on this. wow :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

can anyone help with this new trigger?

i want to set up a weekly reminder to the people on my list, but i’m getting stuck along the way, i’m not sure if i’m doing it right.

Step 1

on a scheduled date and time

Step 2
find a record that has an amount greater then 0

Step 3

i believe this is the correct Next step ‘FIND AND EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE RECORD FROM STEP 2’

but then i’m not sure what to choose further…

what i want to do is, once a week send a balance reminder the people on the list that have a balance greater then $0.00

your help would be greatly appreciated!!

Hi @Sam_Fish

By hart, I think you should use this option (see below) and choose the corresponding email field.

Does that work for you?