New Update Impacts on ARRAYJOIN for New Lines?

I know that Airtable has recently changed a few things and as someone who struggles to remember the technicalities of all of this, I just want to make sure that I am not doing any more work than I need to. Or maybe the update has made it simpler as it has for other things!

What I want to do is populate fields from another table into a single cell, one on each line. This has multiple purposes, though right now I am trying to display to-do ID’s one at a time so my brain can actually grasp it, and then make a makeshift-dashboard displaying multiple categories in one place. Another purpose this has is when I do documentation I want to list goals we addressed and have it listed on a different line to, again, make it easy to read.

I currently have a link to the table, an “array join” rollup, and then a formula to substitute the commas for new lines. This has the negative effect of creating a list, but having the first be one space off of the rest of the lines, which looks BAAAAD.

Is there now a simpler way to do this? It is possible to have the array join AND substitute as one field/formula so I am not having to have so much clutter? Will the issue with the spacing of the first item happen with whatever you might suggest, and is there a fix for this as well?

Thanks in advance for any insights you can give! I know all of this will click together someday, I’m just not there yet :slight_smile:

Anyone got any thoughts on this?

A lesser known fact, you can use formula functions in Rollup fields. SUBSTITUTE(ARRAYJOIN(values), "x", "y") works.

You also don’t need SUBSTITUTE() to get a rollup array as one item per line: ARRAYJOIN(values,"\n") is all you need.

I have just discovered the “Search” block of the dashboard, which essentially does exactly what I have been trying to do within the database itself. So I’ve figured out a solution! Thank you!

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