Override Field with Zeroes

Hi all!

I’ve run into an odd issue that I’m hoping someone out there has found a workaround for :slight_smile:

I have a table consisting of recurring tasks, where each task is assigned a value ($). A zap creates assignments based on those tasks and values in a separate table.

I need to be able to override the value of the task in the new table; which is pretty straightforward… but I’m running into issues if I want to override the price to be $0.00. Airtable seems to treat Currency fields (and probably number fields too, haven’t tested it) the same whether they are BLANK() or have a value of $0.00.

Here is the formula I’m using (in a rollup field):

IF({Override Task Price}, {Override Task Price}, SUM(values)/{Step Count})

Has anyone found a way to force Airtable to recognize ANY entry in a Currency field, even if it’s $0.00?

Geez… spoke too soon! I forced it to view {Override Task Price} as a string by using ARRAYJOIN(), and checked if there’s a value by using LEN().

Here’s the solution that worked for me!

IF(LEN(ARRAYJOIN({Override Task Price})), {Override Task Price}, SUM(values)/{Step Count})