Page Blocks not populating info from the table fields



I’ve been experimenting with Airtable this past week, creating bases, and tables, sometimes my own, others I’ve downloaded from the forums. I have a pro membership trial, that I am experimenting with.

I recently copied a base shared from the support forum, with it’s accompanying tables, and I cannot get the page block to populate any of the info from any of the tables in this base. Every field appears empty. Can anyone advise? I assumed the trial version of Pro membership would allow me to access and experiment with all of Airtable’s features.

Thank you.


Are you selecting a View with records inside, that also have Fields filled? Can you leave some screenshots?


Hi, Thanks for responding. It’s my bad. I had an empty field in the table, and of course, the block was populating from that empty field. :woman_facepalming: