Page Design printing blank pages

Hi there.

I updated to PRO since I urgently need to get a PDF generated with one page per record in a Student table.

Went ahead with the template design and on screen can see each record click of the view by clicking on previous and next record. However when I go ahead and print with the “records in a specific view” and “Record layout - one per page” option I get a correct first pagein the PDF but a blank page for each of the rest of the records…

I am desperate since see no way around to fix this and need to present this ASAP. Many thanks!!

Update: The error happens when designing in portrait A4 and printing in portrait A4, which is what I want.

However, any other combination of designing in portrait/lanscape and printing in portrait/landscape, gets one record per page albeit at a reduced size (smaller)…

Ok, fixed the issue now.

For some reason I need to design in Letter size and then print in A4… why, who knows!!!

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