Page Designer, edit screen problem

I am very happy with Airtable and Page Designer and have created 3 page pdfs pulling form 50+ data fields. BUT

My edit screen just went nuts… My data is still there I can even print it from page designer BUT I cannot edit it. I can see it in Edit. What used to be a long vertical scroll (3500 px) is now a single page with no scroll bar. The horizontal scroll is very wide but nothing shows.

This happened when my fat thumbs hit something while editing a field.

Any ideas what I did?

Addendum… Edit Layout works in that the Static Fields and Fields from your Table are visible. I can drag them to what should be my visible work (but is now just a gray screen) and they show up in view mode (but not in edit layout mode).

SOLVED – I disabled and reenabled the block. (I had tried everything else but hadn’t thought of that???)

OK, almost solved. I just discovered that I have to disable/ reenable the block every time I want to edit it. Now I know…