Page Designer Format Date Field?


I am trying to create a Purchase Order form using the page designer block. It does not appear that I can format the font on the linked date field. I would like the date field to look like the rest of the form. Any ideas?


I’ve noticed that also, and it is kind of frustrating.

The manual input “Date” field type does allow you to manipulate the font, but the automatic “Created time” field does not allow you to manipulate it at all.

Here’s my work-around:
Create another field of type “formula” that just returns the value of your “Created time” field - hide it in your table so that it’s not visual clutter, but use that field, instead of the “Created time” field, in your Page Designer Block.

Formula fields can be manipulated in terms of font, etc. in the Page Designer block. It requires a superfluous field in your table, but until Airtable offers font manipulation on “Created time” fields, this work-around solves the issue.


Thank you, Jeremy. This is very helpful. I was hoping to not have to create another field, but this will work out ok.


Hi Cindy - you should now be able to format Created time fields just like Date (or other text) fields! Let me know if there are any issues.


Yes, it works fine now. Thanks for making the fix!