Parent/Child Filter

I brought this topic up over a year ago and I still don’t see it addressed by Airtable even though I see lots of folks talking about this essential need in various ways.

I will recap the topic here.

I have a Parent/Child relationship between 2 tables (a parent record and its child records).

I need a filter in the child table that says:

ParentId Contains ({Parent}.{Current Row()})

NOTE: the two tables are linked. each child record links to only one parent record.

This filter will allow only the child records belonging to the current parent record (Current Row in the Parent table ) to show, which could actually be turned into a view of the child table.

This rudimentary relationship filter will make the task of creating Parent/Child applications much easier.

Some Use Cases:

  1. Order Header/Order Items
  2. Inventory Item and its Bill of Materials
  3. and a thousand other applications


I know that some folks (including myself) have suggested some lengthy alternatives. But it doesn’t make sense to jump through hoops to implement such essential filter!

Are you looking to filter by a single Parent record, or a view of records in the Parents table? If just by a single record, then a button could easily be created for this.

If you are looking to filter by a View in the Linked Table, then I am 100% with! The added ease of use from filtering by linked tables would be huge!

I’m am asking Airtable folk to add the filtering capability. How the capability is consumed would be up to the user. However, as you also mentioned, a view would be the way I’d use it. Creating something like that using button/scripting/etc. would be the “jump through hoops” option I want to avoid. This single filter would make creating full-fledged web apps using Airtable a lot easier.