Paste images from clipboard


It would be great if you could paste an image into a cell and either a thumbnail of the image appears OR a URL to the image is created and entered in the cell. If I know a document will require screenshots, I create a google doc instead of using Airtable because it’s just so much easier to use cmd+ctl+shift+4 to generate a screen grab and then paste the image.


You can drag & drop the screenshot to the field.


Or use your Snip tool…automatically copies the shot, then ctrl+v into Airtable then spacebar…seamless…I use it daily.


What you mean? I can’t paste copying the file, nor copying the content of the image.


Not exactly what you’re looking for, but if you have an image copied to the clipboard, and you:

  1. Hit enter on the attachment field to expand the upload dialog

  2. Click once in the large, gray center field (yes, this is necessary - just click there - nothing will happen, but if you don’t click there, step 3 will not work — not sure why, just a strange Airtable quirk)

  3. Paste (cmd+v) your clipboard contents

  4. Press space to upload

This is a pretty quick workflow, which I think is what @Brandon_Sturgill was referring to, to get copied images into attachment fields.

Upload images with copy and paste


You missed this step :sweat_smile:

All clear now.


Elias, thank you! I had tried this (without clicking in the gray window) and thought I was going to have to live without this fabulous feature. I never would have figured out that I needed to click in the window first.


Not at all, @Jeremy_Oglesby was the explainer! :sweat_smile:


Thanks to all. One clarification is that when you expand the window–it has a large area defined by a dashed line in the center for uploading a saved file on “My Device.” This area takes up most of the window. Clicking in that area will bring up the explorer window for selecting a saved file. Clicking at the top of the window, and outside the dashed area is the “click in the window first” step everyone is talking about. After that is done, one can proceed with the cntrl - v part. It took me a few tries to figure that one out; so maybe someone else had the same issue.


Thanks, but nothing seems to work for me in Mac App. Ctrl + V not at all working, regardless where I click :frowning: It does work on webapp, but not on Mac App.


Thanks for the refined tip, Markus. Made all the difference for me. Pasting a screenshot into an Airtable attachment field now works on my Mac.