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My organization is in the final stages of determining a project management tool to use. While I love everything Airtable has to offer thus far, a critical need for our organization is the ability to have a “portfolio” or “Executive” view of all ongoing projects etc. I know that this can be done within a specific base, such as “project tracker” by using the blocks feature, however, I am curious if this can be done across multiple bases. For example if i wanted to present to a board of all the updates from the last month, i would like an easy to read one page document with visualization to show the number of social media posts alongside all of the ongoing projects at a high level overview.

Is there a dashboard view to create a high level overview across all bases?

I have provided a sample image of what I am looking for.

Not specifically. (that I know of - maybe there are some ideas I’m not familiar with)

You have described dashboard requirements and aside from the general roll-up and grouping mechanisms inherent in Airtable, it’s not ideally suitable as a dashboard. And this is mostly a good thing because dashboards typically are not built on top of a single data source (or vendor product); rather - they usually include multiple data sources, else they wouldn’t really be aggregations of business metrics drawn together to create a complete view. I wrote about this in a previous decade.

Further to this point - many companies who use Airtable have stakeholders who don’t and they have budget concerns about adding Airtable users who only consume business metrics or reports from data in Airtable.

In any case, the way most of my clients approach this is to identify the best data visualization platform/architecture that works for the organization and pull data from Airtable and other locations (as needed) to build something that business users can access. The Airtable API is ideal for making this possible.

You are also free to use the embed block to integrate any web-based dashboard solution, but this - like any overarching data visualization solution - would require external services that tap into key Airtable metrics and aggregations to deliver value to your stakeholders.

You may want to see if Stacker can do some of what you want to do, but I don’t think you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for.

I thought about this as well, but rejected it on the basis that it will raise the total cost of ownership by a factor of 3x; a nice dashboard solution will cost a fair bit less.

The answer to this lay in the requirements as well as the computing and IT climate of your organization, details that we can only guess about at this stage.

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